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Does your communication stand out? Truly? Does it make your employees feel proud while distancing your competitors – and creating engagement for your customers?

For more than 25 years, we have helped both Danish and global companies stand out from the crowd. With storytelling, engaging campaigns, strategic communications and digital initiatives that create meaning, connection and loyalty.

At Helium, we take a holistic approach to every task. Each communication effort is unique, but the message must be connected to the foundation. That is why we always devise concepts based on you and your business. That’s how we believe you get the most value.

We have strong business understanding and insider knowledge of how organisations work. And we know that good project management is as much about delivering within deadlines as it is ensuring the right people are involved at the right times.

We have a large network of skilled and creative people – meaning we can easily take care of tasks, even large ones. Also those tasks which demand a slightly different perspective than the Danish. Our partners in the Nordic countries and in Germany make it easy to roll out campaigns and initiatives across national borders.

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